Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is all but certain to play in Week 2 against the Broncos. The NFL has admitted as much and, as it is already Thursday afternoon when this is being written, it would be surprising if a judge ruled on Elliott’s case in time to make a decision for Week 2. Elliott was suspended for six games on August 12 for a violation of the league’s domestic violence policy.

However, the NFL is attempting to put the screws on Judge Amos Mazzant (Eastern District of Texas) to get a ruling on whether or not Elliott will be allowed to continue playing. In fact, the league asked the judge to rule by Thursday afternoon on whether or not to it would grant the league’s Emergency Motion to Stay Injunction Pending Appeal, which the league filed on September 11.

The non-legalese version of that: the judge ruled in Elliott’s favor to allow him to keep playing but still had to decide if he would grant an injunction for Elliott to play for the entire season. The NFL is asking him not to grant that and to remove the temporary injunction. The NFL also filed an appeal with the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and is asking the judge to rule by Thursday or it will ask the Court of Appeals to tell Elliott he has to stop playing immediately.

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