Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Year 5 of my NFL picks.

This column has now outlasted any relationship I’ve ever been in and Johnny Manziel’s NFL career, which are both kind of surprising, but for different reasons. This thing started way back in 2013 when CBS gave me a typewriter and told me to make some picks. Of course, I have no idea how a typewriter even works, so the first week was kind of a struggle.

Since then, though, things have gone much smoother.

Here’s a quick synopsis of how the past four years have gone: I’ve picked the Jaguars to lose pretty much every game they’ve played, I’ve mentioned Justin Bieber’s name way more than I should probably admit, I’ve upgraded my typewriter to a laptop and I’ve drank so much coffee that Starbucks would probably file a missing persons report if I didn’t show up every Monday to grab my weekly Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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