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It may have started slow, and it may have lasted six hours in all, but the 2017 edition of WWE SummerSlam was one for the history books. One of WWE’s biggest events each year delivered in a major way with five title changes and an unforgettable main event that featured more than 1,200 pounds of humanity doing battle in and around the ring.

The Barclays Center crowd was hot throughout, and Brooklyn, New York, got to see some epic battles. The match of the night was certainly the Fatal 4-Way for the universal championship, but the United States championship match was outstanding and both tag team bouts — one of which was on the kickoff show — featured explosive finishes.

There were 13 matches in all, and for the most part, the ones that needed to deliver did just that. The rest, well, they fell short as one would expect either due to mismatched opponents, weak builds, poorly told stories or a combination of all three.

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