Each year in the NFL features a heavy amount of turnover when it comes to teams making or missing the playoffs. That’s how the league wants it — parity every which way in order to give teams a fighting chance year after year.

I already broke down five candidates to make the postseason this year¬†after missing out on the playoffs in 2016, and once again this year I’m making a run at finding five teams who will drop out of the playoffs. Last year featured a 2-2 record on the teams who would miss the postseason (as well as a 2-2 record on the teams who would make the postseason), although ultimately it ended up being six teams who jumped up and joined the playoff ranks and, of course, six teams who fell out of contention.

Let’s take a look at five candidates for regression. If you hate my choices and have better ones (and you almost assuredly do), hit me up on Twitter @WillBrinson.

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