MLB Power Rankings: Despite Cubs and Indians slow start



It was my sophomore year in high school. We were playing in the sectional finals. I was on first base and the player at the plate kept fouling off pitch after pitch, but it wasn’t one of those “what an incredible battle with two strikes” situations. He was swinging at everything, mostly pitches not even close to being strikes. You could almost see steam coming out of my coach’s ears in the third-base coaching box. Then a foul ball went directly at him.

Coach leans down and scoops up the ball. He looks directly at home plate and screams, “he’s trying to walk you!” He fires a dart angrily back to the pitcher and before crying out, “LET HIM!”

The “let him” part was emphatic, but it was almost like he was pleading with the batter. Just begging him to accept the walk. The pitcher would eventually settle down and stifle us, winning the sectional title.

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