Cavs-Warriors: Five factors that will affect outcome of NBA Finals



Welcome to the start of the 2016-17 NBA playoffs. What, has there been professional basketball with actual stakes going on these past few months? Huh. Didn’t notice. Must’ve gotten sidetracked by the NBA’s JV circuit battling it out for the participation ribbon.

By the way, congrats, Celtics.

The only team to take a game off the varsity.

But now, finally, mercifully, we’re on to series this entire six-week playoff preamble has been about: Cavs-Warriors III. Game 1 will be Thursday night. Can this series, as anticipated as any we’ve ever seen, single-handedly save the formality that the rest of the playoffs — and really the entire season — have become? That depends where you fall on the parity vs. super-team spectrum. But it is possible to long for more of the former while still appreciating what we have in the latter, to lament the journey and revel in the destination, because no matter how we as fans got to this point, we’re here, with the series everyone wanted up on. And what a beauty it has a chance to be.

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