It has been a few years since the Dallas Cowboys made a trade with their first-round pick, but if Jerry Jones is to be believed (I know, I know), that streak may come to an end this April. The Cowboys are currently set to pick No. 28 in the first round, but Jones indicated that the team could be aggressive trying to move up or down in the draft, depending on how things shake out.

“Near the bottom of the first, moving toward the top … this sets up for a little potential trade action to try to gain some value or try to hit an opportunity,” Jones said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I have never looked at where we were when we started a draft and thought we are not going to get a very good player right there. The assumption being that is where you are going to be when you have to make a decision. All that plays out as it unfolds. There are some opportunities (for trades up or down).”


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